SUMMARY : corrupted on Solaris 9

Date: Fri Mar 14 2008 - 10:45:20 EDT
Hi thanks to everybody answers

I solved my problem with the following WA :

at the ok prompt with the installation disk 1 of 2 (or the dvd disk) in
the cdrom/dvd player

ok> boot cdrom -s

mount the / partiont (or /usr if you are using a non-standard
partitioning) and copy the file.

 after I umounted /mnt and reboot
now the server is up

Original question :

	Hi Managers

	I have Sun V250 with solaris 9 but after corrupted
file on
	single user mode
	I saved the original one but Is not possible run any unix
command like
	mv and cp
	The server doesn't come up.

	 Do you any suggestions please.

	 Thanks in Advance

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