SUMMARY: Solaris package installation for Oracle server

From: Paul B. Henson <>
Date: Fri Mar 07 2008 - 14:51:51 EST
A number of the people who responded to my inquiry requested a summary, so
here it is...

There were 14 relevant responses.

Of those, 9 indicated they currently do custom installs both in general and
7 of those for Oracle specifically (two responders did not manage Oracle

Five responses indicate they currently do full installs in general and for
Oracle. Of those, four indicated they would prefer to do custom installs,
but due to package dependency issues and lack of support for automatic
dependency installation in the Sun package tools it is not tractable.

There was some rather impolite commentary on the quality and attitude of
Oracle support :).

The general consensus seems to be that minimization is better, but not
everyone has the time to spend the effort on it, particularly given issues
like packaging tools and products like Oracle.

Thanks to everybody who commented...

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