Summary: Start Jumpstart Locked With Verbose Option

From: Randy Webb <>
Date: Tue Mar 04 2008 - 18:08:11 EST
The -v has to be BEFORE the -

Thanks to Darren Dunham for pointing this out.

On Tue, Mar 04, 2008 at 04:08:08PM -0600, Randy Webb wrote:
> In order to start a jumpstart in a 100 Locked full network environment I
> have used
> boot net:speed=100,duplex=full - install


> In order to start a jumpstart with a verbose option I have used:
> boot net -v install

Does that get handed off properly?  I would have expected
* boot net -v - install to be necessary.
> Does anyone know how to combine these. I am troubleshooting a jumpstart
> need more output but a simple
> combination such as:
> boot net:speed=100,duplex=full -v install (* wrong)*
> does not seem to work.

Hm.  I would assume that would act identically to the previous one (with
the exception of setting the network parameters).

What way does "not seem to work" mean?  network problems?  verbose
problems?  install problems?

> Neither does:
> boot net:speed=100,duplex=full - -v install
> Have tried multiple times with different systems ( v440 , 490, 240, T2000)

Again, what is the behavior?

* I would expect you'd need the -v to be interpreted by the kernel, so it
has to be before the lone dash.*
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