SUMMARY: Changing controller numbers in /dev manually

From: Matthew Westover <>
Date: Mon Mar 03 2008 - 00:15:38 EST
Many thanks to Stuart Saxon, Marion Dragomir, Darren Dunham and Matthew

As this problem was a bit odd, it turned out to that there are very few
solutions. Ultimately, the device tree builds from /etc/path_to_inst when a
devfsadm is called, either manually or during a reconfig reboot. So, if the
device history isn't cleaned up before hand, getting two sites to look
exactly the same is difficult.

The only real option is to boot to CD or another device and rebuild the
device tree using the path_to_inst from the system you're attempting to
emulate. This may require some creative editing of /etc/path_to_inst to fit
your actual paths should they differ even slightly. Otherwise, you'll just
renumber the devices as they'll be seen as new from the OBP to path_to_inst

Also of note that I was only concerned with the disks and therefore only had
them reconfigured.

ok> boot cdrom -s


(path_to_inst.extract expected to be pulled from source system's

# mount /dev/dsk/cXtXd0s0 /a
# rm /dev/dsk/* /dev/rdsk/*
# devfsadm -c disk -p /a/etc/path_to_inst.extract -r /a

There are obviously more elegant ways to accomplish this, but seeing as I
only need to do this the once, I'm happy enough with this method.

Disclaimer: make sure you're comfortable with /etc/path_to_inst before
changing paths and devices in the file.

Thank you very much!!

Matthew Westover

On 6/18/07, Matthew Westover <> wrote:
> Hello Gurus!
> I've been looking for an answer to this, but I can't seem to phrase the
> question properly. I need to change a controller instance in the /dev device
> tree to another number manually:
> e.g. /dev/dsk/c2tXd0sX to /dev/dsk/c4tXd0sX
> I know about devfsadm -C to clean up entries, I can disconnect the arrays
> and start fresh, but I need an absolute assurance. Without doing it
> manually, I can't get that. I've tried looking around a bit in
> and, tried manually changing files and links in
> /dev to no avail.
> SunFire 280R, Solaris 8 02/04, with fully populated StorEdge D2.
> Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated and I'll post a
> summary after answered. Thanks!
> Matthew Westover
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