Summary: newfs with "-m 0"

Date: Mon Feb 04 2008 - 16:40:52 EST
I got three responses, two which said no to "-m 0" and one self declared
essentially anonymous moderator (in an explicitly unmoderated forum) who
seemed to think that newfs is not a Solaris issue or is covered in the FAQ
some where (it isn't). The two answers where short on technical details but
supported my view that minimum free of 0 is a bad idea.


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Subject: newfs with "-m 0"


A colleague and I have been having a discussion about using the newfs
option (AKA make_ufs bo free). In the past (on at least HPUX) using b-m
0b could lead to rather interesting results if the file system really goes
to 100%. I was told (more years ago than I want to think about) that b-m
1b is the lowest you should use. Using b-m 0b does create a bit larger
file system. What is a best practice for this?

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