SUMMARY: Help with unbootable T2000

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Date: Sun Feb 03 2008 - 21:38:10 EST
thanks to everyone who replied.  Mostly it was reassuring that 
I could actually do this.   My big fear was that the T2000 would lose
all its SAN config, Zones and Zvols but as it turned out it was 
simpler in that respect than the actual restore.

I had 2 failed attempts at getting this system up again before coming across
an old Summary from 2006, that solved it for me.

As I found out, gtar seemed to lose something.  CPIO worked great.

Also, the LVM on Solaris 10 is a little more complex than SDS.

I had changed the vfstab to remove the LVM metadevs and edited 
the /etc/system to remove the rootdev entry, but failed to clear out 
/etc/lvm, which meant that I had a weird corruption and panic after 
my first attempt.

Clearing LVM completely and using a CPIO restore fixed the system for 
me and it is back in production.   I still have to put LVM mirroring 
back but I will wait till tomorrow.

Having a netboot really helps...... does RSC/ALOM/CMT/&c....

Not being able to use Legato recover in a netboot scenario is a 
hassle.  I had to restore to another boot server that had space,
boot net -sw and then mount my restore  via NFS to cpio back to my 
root disk.   I guess if someone can make Legato work in a netboot
they will become a gazillionaire.   The gtar/cpio took many, many hours to 

Thanks again - this list is consistently an arse-saver.....
(ass-saver for the yanks)  ;)


Rachel Polanskis                 Kingswood, Greater Western Sydney, Australia      
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