Summary: For Sol 8, telnet login too slow....

From: Kiran bhalgat <>
Date: Wed Jan 30 2008 - 23:22:18 EST
Hi All Managers,
Following is my original question:

Hi managers,
 I have a Sun Fire V100 Blade server, on that Solaris 8 installed.
 Now from last few days when i telnet this machine from my machine its
required minimum 2 minute for login.
 Is it any solution available for this issue.

Thanks in advance,

And Answer for this queston is:
 In resolve.conf nameserver entry is wrong, after i configure
resolve.conf and IP address setting its working fine.
 Thanks all managers again.

Nothing Is Imossible, If We Can Determine,  We Can Do It...."
-Kiran Bhalgat.
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