SUMMARY: NetSNMP Sun Package for Sol.9.x86 from "extras" cd

From: Tim Chipman <>
Date: Wed Jan 30 2008 - 15:41:21 EST
Many thanks to all that replied (Luc, Steve)
 (and sorry for the delay in prepping this summary)

Suggestions included,

-use the sunfreeware pre-cooked binaries, there are only 2 dependencies so
not a big deal really

-compile from source, not difficult.

-try to get the files from another snmp related sun package which includes
net-snmp secondarily. (didn't have much luck with this route)

I ended up going with SunFreeware binary install, which worked very smoothly.

My only "gotcha" was that the net-snmp daemon runs great for ~30-90minutes,
and then becomes either non-responsive (but still running), OR, it simply dies
without error.  I haven't seen this behaviour before with net-snmp on
other platforms.  I'll likely try to build from source, and if that yields
a more-reliably-working binary, I'll use that; otherwise this topic likely
gets backburnered again.

Many thanks,

--Tim Chipman


Hi all,

I have a small rather annoying problem, which I wonder if someone can
recommend a solution,

I've inherited recently the management of about a dozen Sun v60x
dual-xeon servers running solaris 9 / x86 (see below for exact version

I tend to like monitoring all my systems with NetSNMP (polled by
Cacti) for "basic system resource use" (cpu, memory, disk, that sort
of thing).

I know that typically on the Solaris9 installer media CD set, there is
a cd of "extra" software of "popular 3rd party" utilities, which
typically includes a build of NetSNMP which installs easily and works
out-of-the-box on the corresponding solaris install-revision.

Alas the systems I've inherited have no install media anywhere which
corresponds, and I'm unable to locate at Sun the file either.

If anyone knows of possible online source for this package, it would
be greatly appreciated.

(I have already tried versions from SunFreeware and elsewhere, but the
dependencies .. don't make me keen to install half a dozen other
packages that I really don't want .. to get net-snmp up and running

Many (!) thanks,

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