SUMMARY: Extended character support with serial connections to x86 servers

From: Mike Brodbelt <>
Date: Wed Jan 23 2008 - 09:37:29 EST
Thanks to Roy Culley, who suggested the use of picocom
( instead of minicom for direct
connections. This has helped - I still haven't got all the character
support right, but I believe that that may be a result of running the
serial session at the other end of an SSH connection from a UTF-8
terminal with the wrong font.... Anyway, picocom is giving me ANSI
colour support over serial with a Dell server, which I've not managed to
achieve with minicom.

Others suggested just using vt100 or vt102 terminal emulation, and using
a VT200 option during the installation. This can help during Solaris
installs, but doesn't offer any assistance with BIOS screens.

I'm still trying to improve things, with the idea being to manage all
our servers (x86 and SPARC, Sun and non-Sun) via serial connections, so
any further pointers would be appreciated, but things are definitely
looking better..... :-)

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