SUMMARY: solaris x86 install server

From: Jason <>
Date: Thu Jan 17 2008 - 18:49:46 EST
Looks like this is a bug with Solaris 10 x86 8/7 in 64 bit mode. I was
unable to find this particular issue with sun, but one that was close
enough suggested booting in 32 bit mode with an eeprom boot=kernel/unix
which made the symptoms go away. The error that pops up on the console
during the cpio portion of the install_server script is

bad_set_user_regs: HEXSTUFF; how can this happen??

Fun error with a great question. The suggested sun patch is already
applied to 8/7, but booting into 32 bit mode works just fine.

Thanks all for the help!

Jason wrote:
> Greetings, I'm trying to setup an install server inside of vmware server
>  1.0.4 using solaris 10 x86 8/7 release.  I'm shooting for a cross
> platform install server, so I'm using the same release of solaris for
> sparc platform for my source.  When I run the good old
> setup_install_server, everything proceeds nicely until it switches to
> Copying Data.  At that point, the vm reboots.  No errors, no log
> messages, but I can reproduce it every time. I've reinstalled solaris in
> the VM a few times now, given it tons of memory and still no luck.  I do
> have this working outside of vmware on an x86 laptop, but vm would be
> much more convenient.  I'm going to post this to a vmware list shortly,
> but thought I would try some of the sages here first.
> Jason
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