Re: T101945-33 again (Re: SUMMARY: 2.4, ufs_bmap, NFS write error 49)

From: Gary Mills (
Date: Thu Aug 24 1995 - 00:42:14 CDT

In <41fm58$> alanc@soda.CSUA.Berkeley.EDU (Alan Coopersmith) writes:

>That's because it's a T-patch still (where T stands for temporary or
>testing, I forget which) and not yet released by Sun. To get it, you'll
>have to convince sun you need the bug fix right away and won't get pissed at
>them if/when it breaks something else, since they haven't finished testing
>it yet.

And, it does break something. The time() and gettimeofday() functions in
the binary compatibility libraries both return `-1'. We had to go back
to T101945-31 to fix that, and still retain the NFS quota fix.

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