Re: T101945-33 again (Re: SUMMARY: 2.4, ufs_bmap, NFS write error 49)

From: Todd Michael Kennedy (
Date: Thu Aug 24 1995 - 00:13:56 CDT

In article <41fm58$>,
Alan Coopersmith <> wrote:
> (Rainer Gallersdoerfer) writes in comp.unix.solaris:
>|Now, where can I get 101945-33 ? It is not at !
>That's because it's a T-patch still (where T stands for temporary or
>testing, I forget which) and not yet released by Sun. To get it, you'll
>have to convince sun you need the bug fix right away and won't get pissed at
>them if/when it breaks something else, since they haven't finished testing
>it yet. (And of course, I'm sure paying for a support contract helps alot.
>As of yesterday, -29 was the latest version of the 101945 patch Sun
>had declared ready to ship and made available to everyone. (And I'm
>sure you'll hear on this newsgroup within days of a newer version
>hitting the streets.)
>Alan Coopersmith
>University of California, Berkeley

I just spent a good 30 minutes on the phone with a Sun rep regarding
101945-33T. It appears that everyone and their grandmother is calling
Sun requesting this patch. The official word is to stop shipping this
rev unless there is a serious requirement. There was no estimate on
the official release date for rev 33.

As far as rev 29 goes... The Sun rep told me to _not_ apply it.
Apparently it fixes the NFS client bug, but, introduces another (they
haven't narrowed it down, but, believe is has to do with RPC) bug.
Standard stuff. Fix one bug, introduce two new bugs.

Best Regards,
Todd Kennedy
CSL System Admin

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