Re: Summary of responses to: on exit, ksh terminates stopped jobs; can I disable this action?

From: Willard F. Dawson (
Date: Mon Sep 12 1994 - 13:00:14 CDT (Willard F. Dawson) writes:

>If I fire up a sub-ksh, and then execute my backgrounded jobs, that ksh
>does not warn me that I have running jobs, nor does it kill my jobs as
>I exit that sub-shell. Why does ksh not perform its "feature" in a
>consistent manner?

Noting the above behaviour, the following code added to my .profile does
the trick (at the expense of having two ksh's loaded while I remain

stty istrip erase '^h'
if [ $0 = "ksh" -o $0 = "-ksh" -o $0 = "-su" -o $0 = "/usr/bin/ksh" ]
        set -o vi
        alias ls="/usr/bin/ls -CFa"
        alias f="/usr/bin/finger"
        alias j="jobs"
        /usr/ucb/stty crt
export COUNT


if [ ${COUNT} -eq 0 ]

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