Summary of responses to: on exit, ksh terminates stopped jobs; can I disable this action?

From: Willard F. Dawson (
Date: Mon Sep 12 1994 - 10:21:27 CDT

I wrote:

>I know already about nohup. What I'd rather do is disable this annoying
>"feature" of ksh, wherein stopped or back-grounded jobs are terminated
>upon exit from ksh. I wan't my jobs to keep running, and I don't want
>to nohup each and every one of them.

I received one suggestion: use `stty -hupcl`. However, this does not
seem to do the trick. However, if I fire up a sub-ksh, and then execute
my backgrounded jobs, that ksh does not warn me that I have running
jobs, nor does it kill my jobs as I exit that sub-shell. Why does ksh
not perform its "feature" in a consistent manner?

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