Re: SUMMARY: 1.05GB disk in IPC

From: David Neal (
Date: Wed Aug 17 1994 - 09:43:34 CDT

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Chris Shenton <> wrote:
>On 16 Aug 1994 19:10:26 GMT, (Wolfram Schmidt) said:
>Wolfram> For people responed stating that there should be no problem,
>Wolfram> they are running these disks in IPCs themselves, etc.
>But what *were* those drives? I've heard some of the large-capacity
>drives targetted at the PC user market generate a lot of heat.
>I'd be interested in knowing which brands/models you've heard good
>things about. I'd also like to know which drive will fry my IPX! :-)
>Expiring minds want to know!
>-- Chris Shenton

Well, specifically, someone mentioned the Empire Series drives from Quantum.
I have a 1.4GB Empire drive, and it is very fast and quiet, and doesn't
throw much heat. It also fits in the drive bay formerly taken by
the 207MB Seagate. The downside is that my little cheeseball IPC
doesn't have a FAST SCSI-2 controller, so the drive negotiates a transfer
speed of 5.0MB/s instead of 10.0MB/s. I'd love to stick a Performance
Technologies FAST SCSI card in my machine, but the controller 1) would
cost as much as the drive, 2) wouldn't fit anyway since I have a wide
cg6 card, 3) probably not work under netbsd (they supply drivers for
Sunos and Solaris).

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