Re: SUMMARY: 1.05GB disk in IPC

From: Michael C. Loewen (
Date: Wed Aug 17 1994 - 18:30:16 CDT

In article <> (Chris Shenton) writes:
>On 16 Aug 1994 19:10:26 GMT, (Wolfram Schmidt) said:
>Wolfram> For people responed stating that there should be no problem,
>Wolfram> they are running these disks in IPCs themselves, etc.
>But what *were* those drives? I've heard some of the large-capacity
>drives targetted at the PC user market generate a lot of heat.
>I'd be interested in knowing which brands/models you've heard good
>things about. I'd also like to know which drive will fry my IPX! :-)

   I had a Seagate ST11200N (1.05Gb) running in an IPC for 6 months, with
no apparent problems. The ST11200N is rated at 11 Watts, and doesn't run
overly warm. This is the same drive that Sun was putting in their desktop
storage units.

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