Re: Summary: How to fix root entry of passw

From: Charles E. MacMillan (
Date: Sun Apr 17 1994 - 04:32:22 CDT

In article <>, Mike Miller Jr. <> wrote:
> (Robert Hu) writes:
> # I did the same thing a while back. If your machine allows it, try to ftp into it
> # as root. Your can then either put in a new version of /etc/passwd or create the
> # misstyped directory and put in a copy of shell.
>Hmm, not sure this would work. Under sunos if the users shell isn't
>in /etc/shells (or bourn/csh if there is no etc/shells) the user can't

 Are you sure of that? I have a few odd scripts that are called up as
logins that do "bbs" related things, info-servers and the like, and I
have never written those into /etc/shells.

 Or does that only work because the user never actually logs in to a shell?

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