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Date: Thu Apr 14 1994 - 17:25:34 CDT (Robert Hu) writes:

 # I did the same thing a while back. If your machine allows it, try to ftp into it
 # as root. Your can then either put in a new version of /etc/passwd or create the
 # misstyped directory and put in a copy of shell.

Hmm, not sure this would work. Under sunos if the users shell isn't
in /etc/shells (or bourn/csh if there is no etc/shells) the user can't

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 # In article, (Doug Acker) writes:
 # > >>>>> "Ning" == Ning Qian <> writes:
 # > In article <> (Ning Qian) writes:
 # >
 # >
 # > Ning> It might be simpler to boot to single user mode with the
 # > Ning> command "boot cdrom -s" as suggested by several people but I
 # > Ning> didn't get a chance to use it.
 # >
 # >
 # > That won't work .. under Solaris 2.3, single user mode asks for the password.

Actually, all you have to do is boot from the cdrom, start a command
tool, mount the HD root partition and edit the file. Works fine. I've
had to do it myself. :-)

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