Re: Summary of vi core dump

From: Guy Harris (guy@Auspex.COM)
Date: Tue Feb 15 1994 - 16:51:18 CST

>1. Does the machine have /usr/share/lib/terminfo files?
> This suggestion was the answer to my problem! Thank you Steve
> Bellenot.

SunOS 4.1.3's SVR3.1-derived "vi", and SunOS 5.3's SVR4.0-derived "vi",
both have this problem. The problematic code is in the "vi"s whence
they were derived, so SVR3's and SVR4's "vi" probably have the problem
as well....

It appears that SVR3.1's and SVR4.0's "vi" assume that, if they can't
find the "terminfo" entry for the terminal, they can safely fall back on
the "terminfo" entry for "unknown", and not bother checking whether
*that* was found.

That assumption would appear to be unwise (yes, the machine *should*
have had the "terminfo" files, but it *didn't*, and left the user stuck
without any idea where the problem was).

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