Summary of vi core dump

From: Bradley Piatek (
Date: Tue Feb 15 1994 - 10:23:43 CST

The following are replies I received in response to a core dump problem I
was getting using vi.

I wrote:
>When using vi on a networked Sparc2, I get a Segmentation fault and a
>core dump....
>...can this core dump be used to debug my problem?
A summary of replies follow:
1. Does the machine have /usr/share/lib/terminfo files?
   This suggestion was the answer to my problem! Thank you Steve
2. I'll guess that the version on your SS2 is corrupt. Rcp a copy from
   another workstation and compare with the other. If corrupt, restore
   Not the problem but a good trouble shooting step.
   Thank you Kevin Thomas.
3. DBX core. I`ve never used DBX, I prefer to run GDB and watch the
   program core dump interactively.
   I did not have to pursue the problem this far.
   Thank you Anthony Stuckey.

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