Re: SUMMARY: Adaptec 1522A (PLUS X86 DRIVE

From: Norm Young (
Date: Thu Feb 03 1994 - 14:27:38 CST

In article gad@dr-pepper.East.Sun.COM, sal@ignatz.East.Sun.COM (Steve Lipetz-SunSoft-Atlanta) writes:
>The Driver Release consists of the following components:
>- Updated Solaris MDB BOOT DISKETTE (both 3.5 and 5.25 format)
>- DRIVER UPDATE DISKETTE (both 3.5 and 5.25 format)
>- PMI FILE UPDATE (patch format)

>- Late Breaking News (text and postscript formats)
>- install Solaris on a system requiring a DEVICE DRIVER on the January
> and Late Breaking News.
>- install a DEVICE DRIVER on a system that already has Solaris x86
> installed, you need: DRIVER UPDATE DISKETTE and Late Breaking News.
>- install a PMI FILE (OpenWindows video support), you need the PMI FILE

>The January Driver Release is available on diskette or electronically via
>CompuServe, and the Internet. The PMI FILE UPDATE is only available electronically.
>(They are simple ascii)
>To obtain files from the Internet, establish an ftp session to
>, login as anonymous and use your email address as the password.
>Change to directory /vendor/sun/sun-doc/x-86-driver and "get" the desired
>files. The README file includes instructions on copying the
>diskette images to a diskette. The following files are available:
>README.JAN Text file instructions
>JAN3.TAR.Z Compressed archive containing the 3.5" boot floppy
> diskette image, the 3.5" driver update floppy
> diskette image, and the Late Breaking News
>JAN5.TAR.Z Compressed archive containing the 5.25" boot floppy
> diskette image, the 5.25" driver update floppy
> diskette image, and the Late Breaking News
>PMI003 Compressed tar archive patch
>Steven A. Lipetz SunSoft, Sun Microsystems Inc.
>OEM Systems Engineering Manager 115 Perimeter Center Place, N.E.
>steve.lipetz@East.Sun.COM Suite 850
>(404) 901-6915 FAX:(404)512-0566 Atlanta, GA 30346

I'm a bit confused by the PMI003 update. I downloaded it from
but am unable to do anything with it.

PMI.README is missing so I assumed that PMI003 was to be installed with
pkgadd, but that doesn't seem to work. The comments above indicate that
it is a compressed tar file but that doesn't seem likely. There is also
a reference to a patch format, what is this and what do I do with it if
it is in patch format.

I was also unable to install the upda3 file. I get an error when running;

unpack: cpioimage.z: unpacking error.

Any help much appreciated.

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