Re: Cached file system -- summary and /usr [second attempt]

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Date: Wed Jan 26 1994 - 15:03:47 CST

In article <>, (Leif Andersson) writes:

> Assume a network with one main server and a reasonable number (10 - 20) of
> workstations. They have local disks ranging from 100M to 400M. All
> user files reside on the server. I suggest that all workstations
> should be dataless with the entire free local space taken up by a
> cache filesystem, caching /usr, any local software, and home directories.
> This way each workstation would automatically get the files _it_ uses.
> It would mean a slow system the first few days, but that should be acceptable.
> Comments?
> Leif
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I've heard from our close-to-sun sources that caching of home
directories (or any directory with significant amount of writing going
on) is ill-advised. And you will suffer performance loss and possible
file corruption if something hiccoughs. even though write-through and
write-around options are there, you really don't gain anything in
performance if you are doing a lot of writes (which you are likely to
do in your home directory). So, sun advises against that.. /usr and
all software though is great! (what I do)

Doug Hughes
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