Re: Cached file system -- summary and /usr [second attempt]

From: Ian Dickinson (
Date: Wed Jan 26 1994 - 10:39:47 CST

In article <2i5fao$>, (Casper H.S. Dik) writes:
> (Philip Ross) writes:
>>mount -O -F cachefs -o ro,backfstype=nfs,cachedir=/export/cache/cache1 hyacinthus:/export/exec/Solaris_2.3_sparc.all/usr /usr
>>The important option seems to be -O so that it can hide the /usr mount
>>point used during booting.

And it does indeed work.

>To get cachefs to mount at boot you need:
> - lofs mount
> - cachefs mount

So I hope someone at Sun is going to manage this for 2.4?

And where in /etc/vfstab should one specify the -O option? :-(
Looks like *YET* *ANOTHER* rc?.d/S file.


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