Re: SUMMARY: Problems with Answerbook and 2.3

From: John Lu (
Date: Sat Jan 22 1994 - 15:12:55 CST

In article <2hjbe4$>, (David Addison) writes:
|> Original Post:
|> >I am having problems trying to get the 2.3 Answerbook to display anything on 2.3.
|> >
|> >When I run it up, I get the Navigator which lets me step though the End User AB.
|> >But when I then try to display something; it fires off 1 docviewer process,
|> >hangs around a while, displays 'Library: /home/kursa/addy/.ab_library' at the
|> >bottom of the Navigator window and then gives pop-up window saying:
|> >
|> > Can't start new viewer
|> > Could not launch new Viewer.
|> >
|> >All I can do is hit continue on this window.
|> >It does nothing else and leaves the docviewer process hanging around.
[ deleted ... ]
|> I have made the following discoveries (with help from the net):
|> a) In my case, the problem seems to be provoked by Lucid Emacs (19.6 & 19.9)
|> - Larry Virden also reported similar problems with Mosiac, FrameMaker, Caseware etc.

Not necessarily true. I have also experienced the same problem complicated
by Mosaic (it may well be that xv invoked by mosaic was causing the problem ...).
Hence, the problem could lie in Motif/OW libs or in the server or combinations
thereof ...

-- John Lu

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