SUMMARY: Problems with Answerbook and 2.3

From: David Addison (
Date: Wed Jan 19 1994 - 07:09:24 CST

Original Post:
>I am having problems trying to get the 2.3 Answerbook to display anything on 2.3.
>When I run it up, I get the Navigator which lets me step though the End User AB.
>But when I then try to display something; it fires off 1 docviewer process,
>hangs around a while, displays 'Library: /home/kursa/addy/.ab_library' at the
>bottom of the Navigator window and then gives pop-up window saying:
> Can't start new viewer
> Could not launch new Viewer.
>All I can do is hit continue on this window.
>It does nothing else and leaves the docviewer process hanging around.

>Any ideas on this one ?
>I have just installed patch 101362-03 but this has had no effect.
>top shows that I still have 4Mb of swap remaining, there are no error messages
>on the console.

Before I begin let me clarify the environment I am using...

The problem I am experiencing is occurring on a Sparc Station 1, running Solaris 2.3 and Openwindows 3.3 from its local harddisk. My home directory is remote, but is
common across all servers. I was attempting to run the answerbook locally
(BTW: running AB remotely, did not solve the problem).
I am running OLVWM 3.3 and Lucid emacs 19.9 (binary release, Motif).

I have made the following discoveries (with help from the net):

a) In my case, the problem seems to be provoked by Lucid Emacs (19.6 & 19.9)
- Larry Virden also reported similar problems with Mosiac, FrameMaker, Caseware etc.

b) 'xhost +' does *not* fix the problem.

c) It can be fixed in two ways;

* run up the AB (Navigator and Doc viewer) first, then run Lucid emacs.
Then Lucid and AB can be stopped and started in any order, without trouble.

* run up Openwindows with the -noauth flag

d) Having run up lucid emacs first, quitting it will not resolve the problem. OW has
to be restarted to clear it.

e) Running FSF emacs 19.22 on OW3.3 does not seem to cause the problem.

I am not an expert on X, but it sounds like a problem/bug in the X authority stuff.
However, where is the bug; AB, Lucid emacs or OW 3.3 ?

Thanks to all the netters that have replied.


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