Re: SUMMARY: update /etc/holidays with new holidays

From: Guy Harris (guy@Auspex.COM)
Date: Wed Dec 11 1991 - 14:03:58 CST

>In <jim.692401779@chimera> (Jim Levie) writes:
>>How bout "date '%j' 911225" for the julian date of Dec 25, 1991???
>This is helpful,

No, it's not:

        auspex% date '%j' 911225
        usage: date [-a sss.fff] [-u] [+format] [yymmddhhmm[.ss]]

and "auspex" is running SunOS 4.1.1, so it's not that it works better in
a later release, unless that "later release" is 4.1.2. Mr. Levie is
rather confused about what "date" will, and won't, do....

>but it can't tell me the date of, for example, Memorial Day in 1992.

Nor will it tell you whether *YOUR SITE* has chosen to charge
non-prime-time rates on Memorial Day in 1992; anything that can't do
that is *COMPLETELY USELESS* for updating "/etc/holidays", as the *SOLE
PURPOSE* of "/etc/holidays" is to tell the accounting software which
days are "holidays" in the sense that non-prime-time rates are charged
on that day.

>Now, if I can find a program that calculates the dates of the holidays
>kept in /etc/holidays,

They're not something you *calculate*, they're something you *specify*!

How the hell is that program expected to know whether your site chooses
to charge non-prime-time rates on St. Swithin's Day, unless you tell it
so explicitly - in which case, it's not *that* much of a pain to simply
tell it what day of the year St. Swithin's Day is, especially given the
program I mailed you in the same message containing that folklore, which
takes a month, day, and year, and prints the day-of-year of that date.

>I'll write one that reads /etc/holidays into
>/usr/spool/calendar/callog.wytten: My cm (calendar manager, a nifty tool
>that comes with openwindows) config file.

Really? The only holidays you're interested in are those on which your
site chooses to charge non-prime-time rates?

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