SUMMARY: SunOS 4.1.1 upgrade

From: Brendan Kehoe (
Date: Mon Dec 10 1990 - 18:41:53 CST

   From: Steven Lo <>

> Among all the replies that I received, there is only one person told
>me that he has installed the 4.1.1. I guess it is a new release and
>not too many people has chance to try it out yet. Given the situation
>(and internal politic), we decided to postpone the event till sometime
>next year.

  Just to clarify, it's not by choice that I haven't done the upgrade
-- so far I've only received the release manual (a week & a half ago).
I called the Sun rep that's doing our account and she said that Sun's
supposed to finish getting all of the tapes out by today. This may
explain why a bunch of people haven't done it yet.

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