Summary: Setup Sparcstation Lab.

From: Tzu-Hsi Pan (
Date: Mon Jan 08 1990 - 11:21:51 CST

The procedure to duplicate the sparcstations is as follows:
(1) install one SS1 as source machine.
(2.1) bring up target machine as diskless client.
(2.2) move the target disk to the source machine as a 2nd disk.
(3) (option) format the target drive
(4) (option) partition the target drive
(5) newfs each file system
(6) copy source file system to target drive:
    mount target file system to /mnt, dump/restore the souce/target
    or use 'dd'.
(7) mount the target file system to make necessary changes.

Thanks to all of you who give me the hints.

-Pan (

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