SUMMARY:NFS permition problems

From: Marcus Juca (
Date: Thu Nov 07 1996 - 07:09:11 CST

Hi Managers,

The Problem:

> I have two pc's running Solaris X86, I export one directory to other,
> but I can't write into this directory from the other pc.
> I looked at the mans page of the command share and noticed that the
> default access is read/write, but it's not working! I don't know what is
> the problem. What I am missing?
> Here are the commands that I used:
> At the source PC:
> 1> share -F nfs <directory>
> n> share -F nfs rw=<host> <directory>
> At the destination PC:
> mount <host>:<directory> <destination_directory>

The Solution:

 I was trying to write to the mounted directory as root.
 I just try "share -F nfs rw=<host>,root=<root> <directory>" and it works.
Special Thanks to:

Trevor Paquette <>
Jafar Shameem <>
"C. Allen" <>
Jack Goldsmith <>
Rafael Napoles Rodriguez <>
Russ Poffenberger <>
Ed Miesch ph2493 <>
Robert Tommaselli <>

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