SUMMARY: Automounter problems

From: Tim Buller (
Date: Wed Nov 06 1996 - 14:18:34 CST

The problem:

> It became necessary to move several GB of user home directories onto
> another server due to hardware failure. However, I must have missed
> something, because users are on server B are not able to stat the /u
> directory which is specified in auto.home as such:
> user serverB:/u/subdir/user
> The user is able to see their own dir, and the subdir, but attempt to ls
> or cd to /u results in:
> ..: Permission denied
> Is there something I need to activate on serverB to clear up this problem?
> It looks like things are getting mounted okay, and there is no apparent
> problem with the perms or ownership (they match serverA). TIA,

The Solution:

The local mount point directory was set to 700; I couldn't see this
because it was hidden by the mounted filesystem, whose perms were 755.
Once the FS was umounted, the perms on the local mount point dir changed
to 755 and re-mounted, the problem was fixed.

Helpful answers I received included:

> From: Gerald Combs <>
> Try checking the permissions of the directory you're mounting onto. I
> had the exact same problem at one time because of this - the permissions
> on the mount point looked fine, but the permissions on the directory
> underneath the mount point were causing grief.

> From: Kris Briscoe <>
> Sounds like one of two things...
> 1) the exported filesystem has wrong permissions/ownership;
> 2) the local mount point has the wrong permissions/ownership.
> I have experienced the same here and that was my cause.

> From: "William T. Reckas" <>
> Seems like we had a similar problem (although it did not involve the
> automounter - just an NFS mount). As I recall, the problem was due to
> the fact that the directory we created for the mount had restricted
> permissions like 700 or 750. What we did was unmount the filesystem,
> change the permissions of the mount point (to 755), and then re-mounted
> the filesystem.

Thanks to all... I gave up on the problem after fighting with it for
several hours around 6 am. By the time I woke up at 11 am, I read my mail
and had the problem fixed in 10 minutes. Great people around here...


Tim Buller
Math Department Systems Manager Snow Hall 643
University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS 66045 913-864-7311

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