Re: Calendar Manager, callog location ( summary and further ?? )

From: Stephen [kiwin] PALM (
Date: Thu Oct 28 1993 - 00:15:44 CDT

** > "Daniel" == Daniel Rubin <>

Daniel> I send out an article earlier this week asking how, meaning
Daniel> where!, others are setting up their cm user.callog files. I
Daniel> only received a few responses one of which was a request for a
Daniel> summary.

Daniel> The three methods that the people who responded to my post
Daniel> were using are as follows:

A fourth way is to use proxy-cmsd .
We have used it for several months with no problems.

A clip from the README file says:
Proxy-cmsd acts as an intermediate between the cm process on a local
host and the rpc.cmsd server on a central calendar manager host. It
runs instead of rpc.cmsd on the local host and looks to the "cm" process
like a normal rpc.cmsd daemon.
Warnings & Known problems:
    Has only been used on SunOS 4.1.{1,2,3}
    Proxy-cmsd will exit after a few minutes of inactivity and then
    should be re-started by inetd when a new packet arrives. Inetd
    sometimes won't re-start it. This is a known inetd bug, and
    is documented in the SunOS 4.1.2 Release manual (chapter 10).

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