Re: Calendar Manager, callog location ( summary and further ?? )

From: Barry Margolin (
Date: Mon Oct 25 1993 - 14:06:28 CDT

In article <> (Daniel Rubin) writes:
>Another suggestions was to mount /usr/spool/calendar on all the local
>workstations from the server. This may be a good solution especialy if
>you could just access all calendars with just login names. For example,
>user foo would get his/her calendar as foo not foo@somewhere. I assume cm
>defaults to the local machine and since the same directory is seen accross
>all clients all users could do the same thing... Plus backups would be
>a cinch.

NFS mounting /usr/spool/calendar doesn't work. Rpc.cmsd only reads a
callog.* file once, the first time it is referenced by that server, and
then it keeps the information cached. If someone changes a calendar via a
difference server, your server will never notice the change. And if you
then make a change to that calendar, you'll back out the previous change.

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