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From: John Hoford (
Date: Sun Jun 20 1993 - 14:43:07 CDT

In article <> (Barry Margolin) writes:
>In article <> you write:
>I'm not a lawyer, but I believe that the spirit of the license is that a
>user who uses a loopback rlogin is still just one user.
>I don't see why people think this licensing stuff is so wrong, except that
>they're spoiled by the lax licenses that Sun offered in the past. They're

Nothing is wrong with anything the do. They can decide any pricing
system they want. All we can do is not buy.

But the real danger is it is misleading. You buy a machine which is unix
supports nfs, multi user login etc. but what they dont tell you is
no it those thinge cost an extra 1200. They make it an artificaly deflated
price to attract buyers and then switch the price on you. Its border on being
a bait and switch tactic. It produces a a situation where you are being told
this is a "single user" machine but infact is not efective even as a single
user machine. I have worked in labs where each programer had a workstation
on his desk. This sounds like a perfect "single user" enviroment. But to
use the system efectivly we had each persons home dir which was
on his desk machine, mounted on every other persons machin. Now that makes
every machine a server. It would cost 12000 to get 10 machines set up this way.
Even in a home enviroment I have a sun and a pc. or me to use nfs to access
files on my pc it cost as much as a pc.

Sun is trying to sell you one thing which you expect will provide you with
a certain basic set of capabilites and in fact what you get is going to
be less. but then you are stuck so you fork over the 1200 and not
say anything. Sun marketing smiles, "suckered another one".

You have a system you buget for all expences you know you are covered
under a software maintence which gives you you software upgrades.
but sun comes along and says well if you want the new upgrade you
paid for it. to do the same things you have been doing all along
you will have to pay 1200 per machines. You say "but that what I
got the service contract for". Sun says we have changed the rule.
You are stuck so you pay the money.

"suckered another one"

John D. Hoford

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