Re: SUMMARY: Solaris 2.2 licensing

From: Christopher Lott (
Date: Tue Jun 15 1993 - 02:05:15 CDT

In article <baz> writes:
> A desktop system is shipped with a 2 user license by default. A server
> system is shipped with a unlimited license. Sun has dropped the
> 4 and 20 user license so the only choice is 2 user or unlimited.

Would someone please explain the ramifications of this?
If I have a 2-user license and I configure the kernel
with MAXUSERS=8, it would apper to me that I have violated
the terms of the license. But will it work? I.e., is
there any technical lock-out of the additional users?

Boy, yet another reason to stay with SunOS 4.1.3 forever.
This Solaris nonsense just looks worse and worse.... kind
of like Clinton.


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