Re: SUMMARY: Solaris 2.2 licensing

From: William Unruh (
Date: Sat Jun 19 1993 - 04:23:25 CDT (Barry Margolin) writes:

>In article <> you write:
>>Not if you come in off another Sun station. Then 1 keyboard=2users ( one
>>on the machine the keyboard attaches to and one on the login session)

>The license is only talking about the machine you rlogin to, so that one
>keyboard is only one user of the destination machine, although it may also
>be a user of other machines. But since the question is what kind of
>license you have to get for the destination machine, the other machines are
>moot (although you will probably have to multiply the answer by the number
>of machines that typically have multiple users logged in).
I don't care about your lawyers quibbles. I bought all of the nmachines
from the same vendor Sun. I bougth them to use them . I have one person
keyboard, but sun wants to charge me as though I had 2 3 or 10 people
per keyboard. Unix is precisely a multiuser OS. It was never designed
like DOS as a single user system. Yet sun wants to pretend that it is a
single user system . Two people and you should pay more. ten even more.
If they had wanted to play those games they should have put DOS on their
machines, and then noone would have been fooled into thinking that what
Sun sold you when they sold you a workstation was a multiuser machine.

Furthermore what they are doing is selling me a product, not liscencing
it. Nowhere did I ever negotialte an agreement. That product includes
NFS for remote mounting, rlogin for remote logins etc. If they want to
charge $1K for a multiuser system and ship it with a single user system,
they may, but they will also see their sales disappear. As it is they
pretend that they are seeling you a multiuser system, and then suddenly
stick in this gotcha- no its not really a multiuser system, for that
fork over another $K.

It's like the vendors who sell you a workstation advertises a low price
and then say- what you wanted a CPU with that as well? Well we didn;t
realise that That'll cost you a lot more.

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