Re: Sol2.1 Question [summary of sendmail "gotchas"]

From: Bob Cunningham (
Date: Thu May 20 1993 - 17:41:36 CDT

[Applies to Solaris2.1 and Solaris2.2.]

If you craft your own file, make sure you put it in
/etc/mail/ (not /etc/ and use the following
locations for these files:


The mqueue directory hasn't changed, it's still:


The fact that the mail spool directory is /var/mail under Solaris2 doesn't
have any effect on files. Sendmail itself does not actually
have anything to do with that directory. It's the local delivery program
(/bin/mail) and the mail user agents (mailx, mailtool, etc.) that have
to know where that spool directory is.

To usefully mount /var/mail as /var/spool/mail on Solaris1
systems, reset /var/mail with these permissions:

drwxrwsrwt 3 root mail 2560 May 20 12:20 mail

If you fiddle with mailer flags, note that /usr/bin/mail (aka
/bin/mail) shouldn't have the 'r' flag, and definitely needs the 'f'
and 'S' flags. In other words:

Mlocal, P=/bin/mail, F=flsSDFMmnP, S=10, R=20, A=mail -d $u

Finally, /usr/bin/mail is only really usable by sendmail (for local delivery).
Users should NOT use it (if they do, at a minimum, "To:" and "From:"
headers won't be correct), but should use mailx or /usr/ucb/mail instead.

Bob Cunningham
School of Ocean & Earth Science & Technology, University of Hawaii

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