Re: SUMMARY: How to tell SS10/30 from SS10/41 during bootup?

From: Peter Heimann (
Date: Wed Mar 31 1993 - 03:11:50 CST

In <> guy@Auspex.COM (Guy Harris) writes:

>Umm, if a model 20 says just "SuperSPARC: PAC ENABLED", rather than
>"SuperSPARC/SuperCache: PAC ENABLED", I'd expect it to say "mod0 =
>TI,TMS390Z50", rather than "TI,TMS390Z55", given that the TI TMS390Z55
>chip is the SuperCache chip in question....

>Does a Model 20 *really* assert that it has a TMS390Z55 (as well as its
>TMS390Z50 SuperSPARC CPU chip)?

No, it doesn't (at least the SS10/20 here don't).
Excerpt from dmesg output:
  SunOS Release 4.1.3 (S10) #1: Wed Feb 10 14:01:42 MET 1993
  Copyright (c) 1983-1992, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
  cpu = SUNW,SPARCstation-10
  mod0 = TI,TMS390Z50 (mid = 8)

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