Motif for SUN - Summary

From: zoltan s. palmai (
Date: Tue Dec 22 1992 - 17:03:10 CST

This is a summary of my original posting with regards suggestions/recom-
mendations on obtaining Motif for our SUN workstations.

For us, the primary use of having Motif on our SUNs would be to run Motif
applications, use the Motif Window Manager (mwm) as an alternative to olwm,
and the ability to compile public domain Motif applications. However, as
one respondent pointed out, it is possbile to run Motif applications
remotely on the SUN, as long as the application is statically linked with the
Motif libraries.

>From those who responded, it seems that the product from ICS is one of the
more popular choices. However, there are several other vendors to choose
from. The March 1991 issue of UNIX WORLD had a review of several of these.

So, here's a list of those which I have heard of:

- ICS OSF/Motif Developers' Kit, 1-800-800-4271
- Quest Commercial Motif, Quest Systems Corp. (408) 496-1900
- |X| X.desktop Motif Environment, |X| Limited 1-800-995-0384
- XTech Motif, Unipalm XTech, +44-954-211862
- Parc Place Systems
- DEC Motif (for SUNs)

A big THANK-YOU to all those who took the time to respond!

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