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Date: Wed Dec 23 1992 - 01:16:19 CST

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| This is a summary of my original posting with regards suggestions/recom-
| mendations on obtaining Motif for our SUN workstations.
| [...]
| From those who responded, it seems that the product from ICS is one of the
| more popular choices. However, there are several other vendors to choose
| from. The March 1991 issue of UNIX WORLD had a review of several of these.
| So, here's a list of those which I have heard of:
| [...]

One you really missed was Accent Toolkit. This was shown at the recent
Sun Users' Group meeting in San Jose CA. The product apparently does
several things (singly and in combination):

        - converts Motif-based programs to OpenLook-based programs. Saw a
          demo of several LARGE programs converted. Impressive! And no
          sending $$$ to OSF for Motif licenses.

        - is also a GUI-development toolkit which permits a runtime choice
          of whether to "look like" Motif or to "look like" OpenLook.

Am awaiting more info, but here's how to get more information:

        Accent Toolkit from:

        National Information Systems, Inc.
        4040 Moorpark Avenue
        San Jose CA 95117-1852

        Tel: 408 / 985-7100
        FAX: 408 / 246-3127


NIS was also demo'ing a Project Management System, Accent GraphicVUE, running
on Sun SS2, IPX, SGI, HPUX, etc. boxes in any of OpenLook (OpenWindows) and

I want to see xephem (from converted! :-)

Thad Floryan [, ]

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