Re: SUMMARY: NFS mounting /var/spool/mail && file locking

From: Bill Wisner (
Date: Wed Sep 30 1992 - 15:36:48 CDT (Dan Mosedale) writes:
>2) It is considered a very good idea to have the mail transfer agent
>(eg sendmail) on the subsidiary machines punt all incoming mail to
>/var/spool/mail's home machine and have it delivered only on that home
>machine. In SunOS, this is done by setting up to use the
>OR command (see /usr/lib/

Use this with caution.

When the R option is enabled, *all* mail gets delivered through the
mail host. The From: address on outbound mail gets set to the name
of your domain, rather than your individual hostname. This is not
always the correct thing to do.

Sun internally uses remotely-mounted mail directory on almost all
individual workstations, and they have no problems with mail getting
lost due to locking problems. The Sendmail included in SunOS
understands the same locking style used by the bundled user agents.
The OR option is always disabled.

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