Re: SUMMARY: NFS mounting /var/spool/mail && file locking

From: Barry Margolin (
Date: Thu Oct 01 1992 - 02:56:40 CDT

In article <> (Bill Wisner) writes:
> (Dan Mosedale) writes:
>>In SunOS, this is done by setting up to use the
>>OR command (see /usr/lib/
>When the R option is enabled, *all* mail gets delivered through the
>mail host. The From: address on outbound mail gets set to the name
>of your domain, rather than your individual hostname. This is not
>always the correct thing to do.

The context of the suggestion was that everyone is NFS-mounting
/usr/spool/mail from the mail host. In that case, why wouldn't it be
correct for the From: address to be an address that gets delivered to that

Clearly, any machine that has its own /usr/spool/mail would not use this
feature, but that's not what we're talking about.

Barry Margolin
System Manager, Thinking Machines Corp. {uunet,harvard}!think!barmar

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