Re: SUMMARY: WANTED: SIMM extraction tool

From: William Unruh (
Date: Tue Aug 18 1992 - 16:42:20 CDT (Greg Bulman) writes:

>>I need to remove some SIMMs from some of our Sun CPU boards. I do not have
>>a Sun supplied SIMM extractor but obviously I need one. The part number
>>is 345-1131-01. I hate to go thru the hassle of getting a P.O., ordering,

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>I've always thought the Sun simm-extractor tool was totally
>useless -- it's just a hooked piece of wire, and I've actually
>managed to un-bend the hook when trying to remove a stubborn
>SIMM. My tool of choice is a right-angle hex wrench of the
>size that fits a Sun VME-board hex screw. Sun used to ship
>them with all field-installable VME boards.
>Hold the hex wrench by the long end, fit the tip of the short end
>into the little hole in the edge of the SIMM you're extracting,
>brace the corner against the SIMM socket. If it's the first SIMM
>in the bank, go at it from behind...if it's the last, go from the
>front. Gently pry the edge of the SIMM free of the socket. Do
>both sides, then you should be able to lift the SIMM out easily.
>If my description doesn't help you, just imagine you're using the
>hex wrench as if it were a tiny crowbar.

Actually, I've found that the tip of a ball point pen (eg, Staedtler
Stick- metal point-solid- Don't use a retractable ballpoint- they're too
flimsy) works fine- just stick it in the hole and pry
down a bit until the sSimm releases- do it on both sides and pull out.
The lever point tends to be close to the chip, unlike the Hex wrench,
and gives good leverage and not much motion of the point- just enough to
release, so you can't do damage as it releases.
Bill Unruh

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