SUMMARY: WANTED: SIMM extraction tool

From: Greg Bulman (
Date: Mon Aug 17 1992 - 16:50:12 CDT

>I need to remove some SIMMs from some of our Sun CPU boards. I do not have
>a Sun supplied SIMM extractor but obviously I need one. The part number
>is 345-1131-01. I hate to go thru the hassle of getting a P.O., ordering,
>waiting 10 weeks, just to get something so small and simple. Anyone know
>where I can get some of these quickly and easily, either thru Sun, some
>3rd party, or from you if you've got extras lying around collecting dust?

I didn't process posted responses because as I stated I wouldn't be around
to do so. Thanks to all who repsonded via e-mail; you are mentioned at the
end. I'll include the most noteworthly responses to save space and
summarize like responses.

Several folks suggested just using pliers/needle nosed pliers, gently
tugging upward. I don't know what types of machines these people work
on but most of my Suns have a locking clip which needs to be released
simultaneously while pulling up ... hence my old need for 3 hands.
Thanks for the response but pliers ALONE were basically useless in my case.

Several people suggested 2 paper clips, bent at appropriate angles to
provide necessary leverage to push clip in and pull up SIMM. Sounds
good, but, I used another solution and didn't need to try this.

Only a few people even mentioned the Sun part # 345-1131-01 which
I asked about. However, all mentions stated that it was garbage and
should not be used.

The reply which I found most helpful and works was provided by
Michael J Maciolek of Organization: MIT Lincoln Laboratory

========== Included Message ==============================================
I've always thought the Sun simm-extractor tool was totally
useless -- it's just a hooked piece of wire, and I've actually
managed to un-bend the hook when trying to remove a stubborn
SIMM. My tool of choice is a right-angle hex wrench of the
size that fits a Sun VME-board hex screw. Sun used to ship
them with all field-installable VME boards.
[roughly to scale]
               +---------------------- hex wrench
             +------------------------------+ SIMM
             | XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX |
             | XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX |
             | XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX |
hole here -->|o XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX o|<-- hole here
Hold the hex wrench by the long end, fit the tip of the short end
into the little hole in the edge of the SIMM you're extracting,
brace the corner against the SIMM socket. If it's the first SIMM
in the bank, go at it from behind...if it's the last, go from the
front. Gently pry the edge of the SIMM free of the socket. Do
both sides, then you should be able to lift the SIMM out easily.
If my description doesn't help you, just imagine you're using the
hex wrench as if it were a tiny crowbar.
Any cheap hex key set will have a wrench of the appropriate size.
========== End Included Message =========================================

I had a bunch of the hex keys, tried it on several boards and its great.
If you don't have these hex keys then use paper clips bent appropriately.
If additional prying is necessary AFTER the SIMM is release from its
clip, then the old pliers can come into play.

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