Re: SUMMARY: Identifying SS1+ Sticky disks

Date: Tue Oct 08 1991 - 06:58:43 CDT

In article <> I said:
|> Last week I asked if there was any way to determine which 105-meg SS1+
|> disks were more prone to "stick their heads in the mud". I've had quite
|> a number of responses. Thanks to all. Unfortunately, the input I've had
|> is not too cheerful. [...]

After I posted this, (Frank Bull CCS) sent me a package
that does exactly what I wanted. THANKS! I'll pass it on to those who
want it, but it contained the following tidbit of information (which I
haven't tried myself):

---- Begin included text ----

    To retrieve this program and instructions, send mail to
    "cteso@raid" with the number 9998 as the subject line, and
    your email address, as shown in the names list, on a line
    beginning with the word "path". For example:

        To: cteso@raid.Corp
            Subject: 9998
        path bernie.knost@Corp

    You will be returned a mail message containing the instructions
    and a UUENCODED copy of a program named quantum. Please remember
    that this program runs only on 4.1.1 based systems.

---- End included text ----

For those who also are interested, the manufacturing dates of the
affected drives are April 1, 1989 thru December 31, 1989. The program
("quantum") returns the following output for my disk:

# ./quantum /dev/rsd0a
QUANTUM P105SS 910-10-94A.1 08/31/89
serial number: 912010523 (12/01/1989, 0523)

What really pisses me is that all of our machines were delivered by Sun
AFTER July -90, i.e. well after the trouble had been diagnosed. They
have delivered components known to be potentially defective (no puns
about this being the normal state of Sun equipment, please :-/ ).

 Torsten Lif
 Ericsson Telecom AB, EO/ETX/TX/ZD
 Phone: +46 8 719 4881

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