SUMMARY: Identifying SS1+ Sticky disks

Date: Mon Oct 07 1991 - 12:32:55 CDT

Last week I asked if there was any way to determine which 105-meg SS1+
disks were more prone to "stick their heads in the mud". I've had quite
a number of responses. Thanks to all. Unforunately, the input I've had
is not too cheerful. One source ( (Mike Pearlman)) says
the ones with revision number 8 or higher are (relatively) free of this
problem. However, the only way to see which revision a disk has is to
open the pizza box. :-(

Ravi Kagalavadi ( suggests doing a probe-scsi at the
monitor prompt. (Will return manufacturing data of SCSI units.) This
has the merit that I don't need to open up the box but still has me
chasing all over the place. Is there any equivalent to probe-scsi that
I can run in multi-user mode?

It seems I'll have to stick to the "have SUN come over and replace a
bad disk every so often" routine. I'd hoped to be able to tell them "we
have these X disks that you'll have to change sooner or later. Do them
all at once and save on the emergency calls." Apparently, no such

Thanks anyway to all who answered, including (but not limited to):

David Carter <>
Claude.P.Cantin%NRC.CA@VM.NRC.CA (59112 - R Kagalavadi) (Mike Pearlman)
Richard Elling <>
rick%pgt1@Princeton.EDU (Rick Mott)
Seth Goldberg <>

 Torsten Lif
 Ericsson Telecom AB, EO/ETX/TX/ZD
 Phone: +46 8 719 4881

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