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From: Eric A Pearce (
Date: Sat Jan 12 1991 - 08:47:25 CST

Yes, your efforts are "worth it". I was able to set up a cluster of SS1+'s
running 4.1 using the instructions in /usr/lib/shlib.etc/README and
the additional information posted to this group. The person I was doing this
for didn't want to use NIS(YP) - each machine was "standalone".
It seems to work fine and it didn't take more than a few minutes to
do per machine.

I do have a few suggestions though.

You can really hose your system by messing with shared libraries, as
most commands you would use to recover from a mistake are dynamically
linked themselves - this hazard should be made clear up front.
("mv" is statically linked. use "echo *" to see files, since "ls"
may not work)

I don't think you can login into your machine (even as root) if you goof
up nameservice. It will take your name and password and then spit
"hostname is bad for this system" back at you - to correct the error
you have to crash it and boot single user. In my case, I had not
entered the machine in the campus primary nameserver before I
put the new libc in place. This kind of thing really makes you
aware of the havoc you can cause with DNS if you don't think
beyond your little network.

It seems you can predict what the new version of library is going to
be, so why not go ahead and ship it with the system? Just put it
in /usr/lib under a harmless name and have a command that exchanges
it with the default libc and runs ldconfig. Or you could just
play with the version number, right? This might make it easier for
someone intimidated by the README file.

Ultrix has a bunch of these scripts for setting up services
(see "bindsetup") that ask you a few questions and then set up the
the rest of the configuration automatically.

I would not get too upset, as I haven't see any other system that has
the flexibility of the Sun shared libraries. (though I heard Silicon
Graphics is working on something similar...)


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