Re: SUMMARY: ping - now anti-flame

From: Ed Arnold (
Date: Sat Jan 12 1991 - 17:32:34 CST

Eric Pearce raises an important issue in his recent posting:

}You can really hose your system by messing with shared libraries, as
}most commands you would use to recover from a mistake are dynamically
}linked themselves - this hazard should be made clear up front.
}("mv" is statically linked. use "echo *" to see files, since "ls"
}may not work)

And commands which are used only when you are doing something important
like restoring a failed root disk, such as installboot, are also
dynamically linked. For instance, if you boot a failed server as a
diskless client of another server and restore files onto your disk,
then you have to deal with the problem of whose shared libs you're
going to be running when you run the failed server's installboot, if
the servers are running different OS levels. It seems that Sun would
have done everybody a favor by identifying a core group of commands
needed for system recovery, that would not be dynamically linked.
Anyone know why Sun didn't do this?

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