SUMMARY - Disksuite 1.0 installation instructions?

From: Peter Stokes <>
Date: Wed Jun 25 2014 - 12:02:38 EDT
Hi All

Eventually sorted this out with help from Bruce on the comp.unix.solaris
newsgroup, yes it does still exist, so big thanks to him.

I also found this doc on the web, eventually, after many searches, so thought
I would put a potted version here for future ref.


So on with full walk through.

The iso package I managed to find was actually in UFS format, so used lofi and
mounted like any normal ufs disk on a Sol 2 system. I then copied the contents
of the iso over to the Sunos 4.X system (Sparc). Within the files I received
there were no readmes, but simply running cdm binary and selecting Disksuite
and then asking to install it loaded it fine. Note it may get upset with you
running 4.1.3 and above, simply ignore that and carry on, it is the only
version around.

Now we have the package installed, we need to configure the system to allow us
to use it.

1) Go to /sys/sun4m/conf - sun4m is for SS20/SS5 etc, choose which
architecture you have

2) Create a new conf file or edit your existing one by adding the following at
the end of the pseudo lines

pseudo-device      md128

3) Rebuild kernel by doing

config <conf name>
cd ../<conf name>

substitute <conf name> with your config name.

4) Copy newly created vmunix to /.

cp vmunix /vmunix, you may wish to save your current version before,

mv /vmunix /vmiunix.old

5) Install various meta stuff


Patch the kernel with

/usr/etc/metadb -p -k /vmunix

Then reboot

6) After reboot, ignore metadb errors and now create the devices you want to
setup in the md.conf file


# md.conf example

/dev/md2a -m /dev/md0a
/dev/md0a 1 1 /dev/sd0a
/dev/md1a 1 1 /dev/sd1a


7) Setup, using format, the disks you want to have the replica databases on,
normally around 10-20mb is fine in one of the partitions eg sd0d.

8) Initialise the replica databases

metadb -a -f -c 3 /dev/sd0d
metadb -a -f -c 3 /dev/sd1d

This gives two devices with 3 databases per partition.

9) Create the sub mirrors and mirrors from md.conf


metainit /dev/md0a
metainit /dev/md1a

metainit /dev/md2a


10) go back your kernel conf file and change the line

config vmunix swap generic

to change the root and swap to the new values eg

config vmunix root on md2a swap on md2b

rebuild kernel as above (with the root mirror, make sure it is of the form
mdXy, where X is a single number and y is the partition, the kernel does not
appear to like double digit numbers for the boot partition)

11) /usr/etc/metadb -p -k vmunix the kernel and then

cp vmunix /vmunix

12) Modify /etc/fstab to use mirrors eg

/dev/sd0a / 4.2 rw 1 1  -->  /dev/md2a / 4.2 rw 1 1


12) Hope you have done everything ok and reboot.....

That is about it, anyone familiar with Disksuite on Sol 2 will find ver 1.0 no
problem when running.


Hi All

Tried on the Rescue mail list without success, I am looking to install this
onto an old Sparc 5 (and yes it is in production still....) running 4.1.3 so I
can mirror the drives. Anyone have a doc set/link or even remember how to
install it?

I have a copy of the distribution, but not how to config the system to use


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