SUMMARY: HP jetdirect/hppi software on recent systems error

From: Jef <>
Date: Fri Jan 11 2013 - 17:55:07 EST
Hello Sunmanagers,

Sorry for the delayed response. I thought I had sent this out but it was a
busy summer for me (with this hppi nonsense being one small part of a huge
project), and apparently I let it slip. Apologies.

Basically I was poking at the hppi script output, and noticed that OS check
seems to be where things break down on the new install.

+ /usr/bin/sun
+ 1> /dev/null 2>& 1
+ [ 255 -eq 0 ]
+ + uname -m

Either the hppi script or the exportvars.ksh script is doing or detecting
something weird. The OS variable ends up not set to  = 'solaris' and errors
things out.
However, running all of the various commands individually things seem fine.

I got tired of trying to find the disconnect, so ultimately I gave it the
hammer approach and removed the OS check completely from the hppi wrapper and
just set the OS varialble to 'solaris'. Things now work great in the global
zone.  A bit of config is needed to make things work in the sparse-root zone,
but things are working great there, too.

I added it to several T4 systems after this point, and encountered no issues
there - still not sure what it doesn't like about the one particular T2000.

Thanks to the following folks for their replies last summer:  Sal Serafino,
Daniel, MIchael Horton
Also, thanks to Brian Pitts for his recent message to the list to make me
realize I had forgotten to summarize.

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