SUMMARY: inet_pton() bad family "26" on well known package

From: <>
Date: Thu Nov 22 2012 - 23:34:59 EST
On Fri, 23 Nov 2012, wrote:

> Hi,
> we have a package "LPRng" that we deploy everywhere.
> The package is rather old, but works fine in all cases, except for one system.
> When I attempt to do lpq on the failbox I get:
> lpq
>  pr99: inet_pton: bad family '26'
> On an identical system, the commands work fine.

Hi there, 
A solution has been found, but not a resolution.   The NSCD was in "maintenance" mode on this system.
I cleared/enabled it and the lpd error went away.

But nscd itself is frequently dumping core and going offline.  I now need to resolve this part!

Oh well, such is Friday afternoon....

Thanks again...

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